Abbott Painting FAQs


Q.  How do your prices compare to other painting contractors?

A.  We are very competitive with other “legal & licensed” professional painting contractors. We base our price on great quality premium paints, which are cheaper in the long run because they can last 3 times as long as less expensive brands. We also cover all the expenses of running a legitimate business including workers compensation and general liability.

NEVER ACCEPT A PRICE QUOTE ON THE BACK OF A BUSINESS CARD. And beware of really low bids. They usually mean the painting contractor has inexperienced workers, doesn’t carry the necessary license and insurance, or may not really understand what he’s doing.

Our estimates are always in writing and detail the “scope of work”, materials and terms of payment.


Q. Do you have workers compensation and liability insurance?

A. Absolutely. Some painting contractors may advertise that they are fully insured, even when they are not.

Why should your contractor be insured? Because it protects you. Liability insurance covers damage to your property. Workman’s compensation covers any worker injury sustained at your home or business. Do you know that when you hire a contractor who is not insured, you are 100% responsible?

Make sure you always get copies of insurance certificates from ALL contractors you hire to work in your home or business.


Q. What if I have a problem after the job is over?

A. Chances are you won’t have a problem because before we’re done, we ask you to prepare a “punch list” of all the things that require additional attention or completion. Before ending the job, we attend to all these items to your reasonable satisfaction.


Q. Are your painters well trained?

A. Yes. We are proud of our reputation and protect it by hiring professional painters who are experienced and reliable. We trust them, and so can you.


Q. Are the painters supervised?

A. Yes. Each crew has a lead painter. And you will ALWAYS be no more than a phone contact away from Rob Drell, owner and president of Abbott Painting. He’ll make sure you have his personal cell phone number.


Q. I am in a hurry. Should I decide to hire Abbott, how long will it take to start the job?

A. It depends on the scope of work, but usually we can start within a week or two. If you need to schedule the job sooner, we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.


Q. Do you offer a Free Quote?

A. Yes. We will schedule an appointment at our earliest mutual convenience, which is usually within 24-48 hours. And generate a written quote, which specifies scope of work, materials and terms of payment.