Free Paint Color Consultation


Free Color Consultation

There are So Many Colors . . .

  • How do I decide?
  • What’s popular?
  • I love fire-engine red, but . . . ?
  • Aren’t off-whites and bieges safer?
  • What about resale?  Just because I like it, doesn’t mean the next gal will?

Our qualified color consultants reduce your anxiety by taking the guesswork out of color selection.

  • We know what’s hot and what’s not.
  • We know what matches and what clashes.
  • We know how to create the right mood for your room by using color.
  • We can even recommend furniture, floor and window coverings.*

Whether you’re redecorating your home, office or business, we can help select the perfect color combination.

 Contact us for free consultation.


*$250 value.  Free consultation limited to one-hour.  Color and design consultation over one-hour will be billed at hourly rate.

Color Makes the Difference!

Free Color Consultation

Free Color Consultation

Free Color Consultation

Free Color Consultation